Dear Patient:

The mastery of the newest ‘cutting-edge’ surgical techniques and technologies, the provision of competent, compassionate, confidential care and the pursuit of advanced clinical excellence define my philosophy as a Medical Doctor and Surgeon. As an academic and clinical Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, I strive to be up to date on the very latest in education, research, surgical and clinical techniques and medical technologies, therefore giving my patients the best outcomes possible.I am involved in and enjoy professional interactions with local, national and international colleagues, resident surgeons, and doctors-in-training. My private practice caters to local and international patients for surgical and non-surgical procedures. I have over 20 years of advanced surgical training and experience, I am fluent in English and Spanish and my expertly trained, extremely professional and courteous surgical and medical office staff speak a variety of languages, and are always available to my patients and their families.

The individual needs and concerns, health and safety of my patients always come first. Each of you deserves the very best and my goal as your Surgeon is to deliver the most advanced quality care. I only work in affiliation with South Florida’s finest award winning Hospitals and Certified Surgical Centers. I and my entire staff are dedicated to patient advocacy, satisfaction and privacy.

Plastic Surgery is about quality of life, your life. As your Surgeon I will work with you to enhance your body’s image and appearance. From Aesthetic Surgery of the Face, Breast or Body to the full spectrum of reconstructive issues that many patients face, from birth throughout one’s lifetime including, but not limited to, Reconstruction after cancer, Trauma, or Complex Cosmetic Revisions of previous sub optimal surgery or results. I will be with you, as my patient every step of the way from the planning of your procedure to the completion of your post operative care. My practice has been built on satisfied patient referrals. I am very proud to say I have treated multi generations within families from all around the world.

Thank you for choosing me as your Surgeon. I and my entire staff look forward to being at your service.

Alberto S. Gallerani, M.D.